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Judy M. Crouse grew up in White Hall, Maryland.  She has worked for twenty-five years as a temporary employee, and has collected many funny and strange tales along the way.  Judy has written two books, A Cat’s Tale: Peanut’s Story and Temp Tales:  An Exposé. 

Judy hopes Temp Tales: An Exposé will encourage others who have struggled with temporary staffing companies to join her in a crusade to win fair and equal working conditions for temporary employees nationwide.  She also hopes A Cat's Tale:  Peanut's Story will help people understand why it's so important to spay and neuter your cats, and stop abusing our furry friends.  

Judy currently resides in the beautiful countryside of York County, Pennsylvania, along with her husband, whom she lovingly refers to as her Knight on a Harley, and her dear cats.

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