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Don't Do It

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Taken from Temp Tales Chapter 11- page 152

     “The Owner, Annabel Coco, was all business but very welcoming. She reminded me of Katie Couric from the Today Show. She had that cutesy thing going for her. The reason I had originally called this agency was because they were running advertisements in the Anytown Newspaper. I had seen a position for an administrative assistant. I had applied for it on the application. When Mrs. Coco asked what I was searching for in a job, I told her the one I applied for when I filled out the application. Duh? Mrs. Coco informed me, “oh no, we filled that position. But I have other positions available. I am sure you would be a perfect fit for one at another company called M.A.E.”

     You have now been a victim of the old bait and switch in job advertising. This is a common practice at every temp agency I have ever worked for. I never seemed to be able to get to the agency before that excellent advertised job had been filled.

     You may be thinking, I have to take this position. I need to work. I need some money coming in. No you don’t! Don’t do it. Just politely reply, "Thanks so much for considering me for this position, but I would rather wait until you have a job I wish to peruse.” If you accept this type of treatment you shall become their puppet, their doormat. If you don’t take the job, okay, maybe you will not have some money right away, but you will garner their respect. Hopefully, the agency will call you with a position more to your liking. If not, keep answering ads you see in the local newspaper and go to as many placement companies you can find. Don’t settle for less!

     Don’t forget to check out some of the stories of my experiences in Temp Tales, and you will know what I mean.

Thinking of Working as a Temp?

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     If you’re thinking of working as a temp because you’re having difficulty finding a permanent job, consider the long term implications. If you are looking to further your career is the position one that would aim at getting your long term goals accomplished? Is it at a company you would be proud to work for, is there an opportunity for advancement? You could be stuck in a dead end job and lose months or even years after realizing you took a position just because it was an easy remedy in this cash strapped economy.

     Do you need benefits? These days most agencies offer health insurance, retirement savings accounts, and vacation. The benefits will not be of the caliber of a full time job you might otherwise find on your own. Often vacation benefits require an employee to work a high number of un-interrupted hours that are hard to acquire. Trying to land a job or being a temporary employee can be a challenge and stressful on so many levels.

     Never sell yourself short. You’re worth the wage YOU require. Don’t let an agency push you into taking a job at a lower rate of pay. If you can’t negotiate a pay rate you require, go to another company, there are plenty of them out there. Don’t be bullied, stand up for yourself and claim what you’re worth!

     Just check out some of the stories of my experiences in Temp Tales, and you will know what I mean.


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