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A Cat’s Tale:  Peanut's Story are the tales of a family of kitties and the people they own. It revolves around a favorite tree in their yard. The tales recount Peanut’s struggles and triumphs in a world filled with dangers and abuse. Peanuts dear friend Twiggy said once,"A friend in need is a friend indeed." Peanut’s companion Judy has made this story possible.



A Cat’s Tale: Peanut’s Story by Judy M. Crouse is a sweet story about the adventures and friends of a Calico cat named Peanut.  Told from a kitty’s perspective, A Cat’s Tale details life’s ups and downs, heartaches and adventures.  It is an easy read, perfect for young readers and cat lovers alike.  If you’ve ever wondered what your cat is thinking, this is definitely the book for you!  

-Laura Ann Ford


 A Cat's Tale: Peanut's Story by Judy M. Crouse is a very cute and touching story, that is told through Peanut's eyes. Peanut will tell about the many adventures she has had, some whimsical, some scary and some sad. Judy has written this story so wonderfully, that you can visualize each cat's curious nature. They are truly adorable and loving cats. With each new character, you go on another little adventure. This is a really good read! 4 stars ****

Reviewed by Zetta Hupf Author/Illustrator of Henry Goes To The Park, Detective Buddy And The Case Of The Missing Football and Alex Fox Moves To Town



Temp Tales: An Exposé is a story of one woman’s struggles and triumphs in the world of Temporary Employment. She shares with the reader the often ludicrous duties required of temp employees. Never one to shirk a job responsibility or say no, she always had a smile. Judy has never given up her pursuit of the dream job.


Temp Tales: An Exposé by Judy M. Crouse is the unique tale of one woman’s struggle to find the perfect job.  Judy adds humor and imagination while portraying the trials and tribulations of the everyday life of a temporary employee.  This is a down-to-earth story that anyone who has ever held a temp job or been unemployed can relate to.  If you are looking for tips on how to survive a crumby position or just want a good read, this is the book for you.

-Laura Ann Ford




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