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April 15, 2011 Thomasville, PA.  With millions of people everyday searching for temp work, who is preparing them for the challenges that they meet along the way?

 Often workers are overwhelmed with the paper work and temp jargon especially at a rapid paced interview. They are often placed into jobs they are not prepared to do, don’t know what the pay rate is and haven’t a clue if the job will be a permanent placement.

It is important that people know their rights as an employee, some of the challenges that they will face and how they can make a stand for themselves.  Right now there are not many resources out there that can save people from some of the painful experiences and stresses that temp workers can go though.  Now more then ever people need to know this information ahead of time and make the journey that much smoother.

Judy Crouse is the author of the book Temp Tales An Expose’!, which shares the pitfalls that people can face when living a life of temp work. She knows what people might experience upon entering the work place.  She has a wealth of wisdom to share with people in these stressful times.

During her adventures in employment she worked at 102 assignments and jobs at sixty-six companies. She was given these assignments by numerous temporary agencies, even working as an employee for one agency, and is an expert of the ins and outs of temping.  She experienced many kinds of work environments and some of the characters she meet along the way have provided her with the ability to help many others. Temp Tales An Expose’! takes you on a journey of one woman’s struggles in search of the perfect job and the wisdom she garnished will make the lives of other much easier.



Judy M. Crouse grew up in White Hall, Maryland.  She has worked for twenty-five years as a temporary employee, and has collected many funny and quirky tales along the way.

She hopes Temp Tales an Expose’! will encourage others who have struggled with temporary staffing companies to join her in a crusade to win fair and equal working conditions for temporary employees nationwide.


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