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Some authors write as a way of escape; to sail away to

imaginary places or mystical lands. Others write

to give their opinions on the events happening around

them. Then, there are authors like Judy, who write with a

purpose. They strive to take a stand against what's wrong

with our world. To put a stop to the abusive tactics of

companies who believe their employees don't matter.  To say "Enough," when it comes to

cruelty against our four-legged companions. Judy puts her heart into all that she does not

matter what it may be, all while adding a little humor to life's tragedies.

Look at the brighter side of life and do NOT settle for peanuts!  





Judy was featured on ABC27's Good Day PA in the Author

Spotlight. Check out this must see interview from

 January 3, 2014 HERE


Latest Press Release for Temp Tales: An Exposé! 

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July 24, 2011-- Kevin Gill & Judy Crouse on Bowes Knows on CJOB Radio. 



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